[PRE-ORDER] Zoom TKL EE by Meletrix

Sale price$199.00
Case Color: White

Case Color

Plate: PC Plate


Back Plate/Back Accents: Milky Green (Glass)

Back Plate/Back Accents

New Colors Now Available!

Zoom TKL by Meletrix
is a compact 80% mechanical keyboard with F13 and WK keys, featuring a gasket mount design and 5° typing angle. The sleek finish includes nano-coating, glass, and stainless steel. The Bluetooth PCB supports wired or wireless modes, allowing customization with split spacebar. The essential kit includes an aluminum case, a default backplate and extra back plates to choose from as add-ons, and a comprehensive accessory kit with hot-swap, multi-layout Bluetooth PCB compatible with VIA for a premium and compact typing experience.

Now also available in Milk Tea and Milky Green Case!

Customize your Zoom TKL with some extra Add-Ons here.

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      ZOOM TKL

      By Meletrix

      ZoomTKL Specs

      Everything you need to know about the ZoomTKL.

      Wireless Freedom

      Bluetooth PCB

      Use your Zoom TKL with your PC, laptop, tablet or even your phone - all without any wires. Enjoy a fast, lag free experience thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. Use the included cable to charge the battery or to use the keyboard in wired mode if that's what you prefer. 

      VIA Compatible

      The Bluetooth PCB is fully compatible with VIA, the powerful GUI widely renowned for it's customizability and ease of use. Remap any key on the keyboard on 4 different layers, including the knob. Use built in powerful shortcuts and macros, or define your own!

      Battery Included

      Every Zoom TKL Essential Edition comes with a 2250mAh Li-ion battery included in the kit. The battery should last 6-8 weeks between charge under normal use. Once it's out of charge simply connect your keyboard to your PC / laptop using the included USB-c cable. 

      Gasket Mount

      Zoom TKL uses a gasket isolation mount structure for a soft, bouncy and pleasant typing feel that won't fatigue your fingers even after hours of typing. Gasket mount keyboards sound better and feel more even throughout the board than the typical off-the-rack tray mount keyboards.


      Unlike traditional keyboards, you are not stuck with just one layout on Zoom TKL! Change things up every now and then with split spacebar, split backspace, split left shift and split right shift!

      Ambient Lighting

      Zoom TKL added ambient lighting for the first time. We added ambient lighting on both sides of the keyboard, with a variety of lighting effects to choose from.

      With these DIY options, Zoom TKL can be used to match any desk top easily every where to how your personal fashion taste and attitude.

      Ergonomic Typing Angle

      ZOOM TKL keyboard kit designed a small slope on the front bezel to reduce the height so the our hands can rest on it more comfortably.

      Between the F row and the number row, we appropriately increased some width instead of normal 0.25U gap to prevent accidental touch.

      Gasket Sleeves

      The gasket sleeves are made of supercritical foam, it can stabilize the plate while be still giving appropriate space allowing it to flex in a balanced way. Just allow it to move, not too stiff, not too much flex.

      Foam Included

      PCB and Bottom Case are made of lighter PORON material. In order to reduce resonance, many tests were done on the foaming material this time. We made the PORON lighter and foam pores more dense. Every minor detail matters a lot, with current poron, the sound is more concentrated and is deeper than normal dampeners.

      Extras Included

      ZOOM TKL comes with almost everything you need to put together your first keyboard, including an USB-C cable, premium WS stabilizers and a carrying case. All you need to get are switches and keycaps of your choice, to build the ultimate keyboard that's uniquely yours.

      Hot Swap

      Zoom TKL PCB features Kailh Hot Swap sockets that allow you to just push the switches on, no soldering required! Changing switches is a breeze, you can go from linears to tactiles in a matter of minutes, all on the same keyboard!