EnjoyPBT Sushi Japanese Keycaps

  • Sushi PBT Dye-Sub keycaps sold in keebsforall

EnjoyPBT Sushi Japanese Keycaps


Enjoy sushi? Or just a general food lover? Well! This set definitely screams "I LOVE SUSHI AND I'M NOT SCARED TO SHOW IT" A perfect fit, ain't it? 

Not just sushi, but with Japanese sub-legends. What more can you ask for? Of course, we cannot forget about our ISO users, ISO keys will be included with the kit!

Will fit 60%-100% keyboards. Only Keycaps, not the whole keyboard.


  • PBT Material
  • Cherry Profile
  • Dye-Sub
  • 149 Keys Total
  • Made by ePBT


  • Cherry MX Switches and MX-style clones