Lube Brushes

  • A set of KeebsForAll mechanical switch lube brushes in various sizes next to a Krytox105 lube bottle and Krytox205g0 lube bottle.

Lube Brushes


These premium lube brushes are a must-have if you intend on lubing your switches properly. Each brush comes with the highest quality blend of Nylon and Kolinsky hairs, which means you likely won't lose a single brush hair even after extensive usage. The brush handle is made of high-quality wood with a convenient ergonomic grip, making lubing just a little less painful.

When I first started lubing my switches, these were the brushes I used. After lubing at least over 1,000 switches, they're still my brush of choice, so I'm excited to be bringing this to our customers as well :) -- Jerry from KeebsForAll.

Available in 2 varieties - round and flat brush heads - with 3 different sizes for the round head at 00 (2/0), 0, and 1 and 2 sizes for the flathead at 00 (2/0) and 0.


- 18cm in total length

- Synthetic Nylon and Kolinsky hair blend

- Ergonomic grip with premium wood handle

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Brian F.
United States United States
Feels great and high quality!!

I did not know this but it turns out that the grip is actually a tri-grip, 3 surfaces for your thumb, index, and middle finger. I thought this was a great brush for lubing switches!

Christopher S.
United States United States
Great company!

I must say that processing and shipping was quick, and I got exactly what I ordered. Highly recommend to anyone looking for keyboard parts and accessories.