[IC] Freebird60 Case and Kits

  • [IC] Freebird60 Case and Kits

[IC] Freebird60 Case and Kits


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Hi everyone, we're super excited to be announcing our up and coming case, the FB60, which pairs perfectly with our existing FB60 hot-swap PCB, and 60% Universal ANSI aluminium plate.

The case and components within the kits are all designed to be as modular as possible. This means you can use the silicon feet on other 60% cases like the Tofu60. You can also mount a DZ60 into this case etc. This allows our customers to have maximum freedom to customize their ideal setup.

Ever since we started this company, our goal was to make the mechanical keyboard hobby more accessible for beginners. We're proud that this offering is the first official step to making our goal a reality. The best part is, this case was designed by a member of the community, so we're able to live up to our tag line of "Community-driven designs at affordable prices". Thank you all for your continued support of our business and our community. We could not make it here without each and every one of you! --Jerry Chu.

The final design still needs some input from the community, so please fill out the second Interest Check form HERE.


Based on the first round of the IC we have finalized the colors and plate options. They are listed as below:

Case Colors (all E-coated):

- White

- Black

- Navy

- Olive Green

Plate Options:

- Aluminum

- FR4

- Brass