[Pre-Order] ZOOM65 V2 x Soul Land Series Add-Ons by Meletrix

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Item: Haotian Hammer Artisan Keycap


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Zoom65 V2 x Soul Land Series Add-Ons - Dive deep into the Soul Land experience with added bonuses like the custom deskmat, Haotian Hammer Artisan Keycap, and more. Your workspace is about to become a legendary Soul Land relic.

See all the Zoom65 V2.5 Editions and Add-Ons here.

Please Note:
1. Backplates cannot be used on the SE edition of the keyboard;
2. The Collab keyboards are using the older V2 PCB, and will not function properly with nightlight knobs;
3. In addition, the 2.4 GHz wireless connection isn't supported on the V2 PCB either.
4. Do all the dampening kit foam layers from the v2 also fit v2.5? ---- YES!
5. The add-on tri-mode PCB includes the dongle.

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