[IC] Ultimate ISO 40

  • Ultimate ISO 40 front layout view

[IC] Ultimate ISO 40


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Designed by TapTap.

Geekhack Post

Ultimate ISO is a gasket-mounted stacked acrylic 40% keyboard with 4 ISO enters for those people who need more than one enter on their keyboard for whatever reason.

"A friend of mine made this layout as a joke in a discord server. We then played around with that idea and made up the final layout options. Because I had nothing to do (and wanted to procrastinate studying for my exams), I started making that meme into an actual keyboard for fun over the past 2 months or so. I totally didn't spend way too much of my time on this."

- TapTap


Price TBD (Aiming for 140USD)


  • High quality perspex acrylic
  • 5 degree typing angle
  • Laser-cut Feet
  • Custom daughterboard for easy assembly
  • Centered USB-C port
  • Poron gasket-mounted plate
  • South-facing PCB with 5 pin support designed by Pat
  • Underglow breakout for addressable LEDs
  • Planned support for QMK, Via and Vial firmwares
  • Weighs about 800 grams without the additional metal back weight

Base keyboard:

  • Stacked acrylic case in one of 3 colours (all frosted): Transparent, Grey and Azure blue.
  • A soldered or Kailh hotswap (fixed layout) PCB
  • A FR4 or polycarbonate plate (might consider more options)


  • Extra PCB in either hotswap or soldered variant
  • Extra plate
  • Extra gasket strips

Metal Weight Add-on:
There will be an option to purchase an additional weight (put in place of the acrylic backpiece) made out of brass.



US: You're here!

Canada: Ashkeebs


UK: KeebCats

Asia: TBD



*Big thank you to Pat and TapTap for accepting us as US Vendor!*