Freebird 60% Hot-Swap PCB (Rev2)

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Modular Hot Swap 60% PCB.

Layouts include standard 60% and/or with arrow keys. 

Arrow Keys layout; on the bottom row, it will be 5 x 1U. Right Shift will be 1.75U. 


  • Hot swap sockets for two layouts
  • QMK Compatibility
  • VIA Compatibility
  • PCB mount stabilizer support
  • USB-C Connection


Your PCB should already be flashed with a VIA-compatible firmware. However, if you ever need to reflash your PCB, you can take a look at the instructions in our tutorial here - - on how to do it with QMK. If you need a copy of the VIA-compatible HEX file (firmware), you can join our discord server and find the firmware in a dedicated firmware channel there.

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