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KeebsForAll collaborated with JJ48_24

"We were inspired to make the Stadium65 project because we were tired of seeing nothing but an influx of rectangles for the 65% form factor. We wanted to try something new and see how the community would react. Personally, we've always been inspired by the symmetry and beauty of circular shapes, so we thought it would be fun to derive a keyboard design inspired by more circular objects. We landed on the Stadium65's design because it allows the inclusion of the circular design without making the keyboard too foreign and tough for people to type on. The name was also aptly chosen, because a "stadium" is actually a mathematical concept where the object is rectangular, but has two semi-circles for its opposite ends. This is the exact shape of the keyboard and is the reason why sports stadiums are actually called "stadiums".

Not only did we want to spice up the 65% form factor with an interesting shape, but we also wanted to create the first hot-swap encoder. We were able to find an open-source design that would allow us to do this, so that even a complete beginner is able to install and build this keyboard without ever touching a soldering iron, truly making this board a Keeb For All."

-KFA Team

All photos are taken by JJ, they are not renders. 

Price: TBD (will be on the higher-end)

Specifications are not finalized

Kit will include Top+Bottom Case, Plate, Knob, PCB, and screws/feet.

E-Coated Aluminum Case + Copper PVD Weight

Copper PVD Knob

Aluminum Plate

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