Zoom65 V2 by Meletrix

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Case Color: Ivory Cream

Case Color

Weight/Knob: Anodized Pink


Zoom65 V2 by Meletrix

Introducing the Meletrix Zoom65 V2 - the newest keyboard in the Zoom Series. This revised version features a glass backplate, external weight, knob, bluetooth, and RGB.

Available during this first pre-order are 14 case colors and 9 weight/knob colors and finishes. A superbly customizable feature full keyboard at an approachable price.

Pre-Order Dates: June 20 until inventory runs out (only 200 units available)
Fulfillment: August 2023

Zoom65 V2 Kit Contents:
• Aluminum top & bottom case of buyer's choice
• Aluminum / SS external weight of buyer's choice
• Glass backplate (same color as the case)
• Aluminum/brass rotary knob matching the external weight
• Hot-swap, multi-layout Bluetooth /VIA PCB with per-key RGB
(Compatible with VIA. ESD Protected. Can be used in wired or wireless mode.)
• Daughterboard/JST cable
• Polycarbonate plate
• Gasket Sleeves
• Set of WS Stabilizers V3
• Li-ion battery
• Coiled USB-C cable
• Poron Dampener kit
• Silicone keyboard feet
• Screws and other installation tools and accessories
• Storage case


Zoom65 EE V2 Specifications:
• Gasket mount design
• 65% Layout
• PCB: 1.2mm, with Ai03 DB
• 6.5° Typing angle
• 20 mm front height
• Finish treatment: electrostatic sprayed, nano coated
• Default plate: PC
• Bluetooth PCB polling rate in wired mode: 1000hz
• Bluetooth PCB can be used in wired or wireless mode.


• Essential kit with Alu knob/ weight/Glass Mirror Back Plate: 1.35 kg
• Essential kit with brass knob / PVD SS weight/ Glass Mirror Back Plate: 1.64kg
• Essential kit with Alu knob/ weight/PVD Back Plate: 1.44 kg
• Essential kit with brass knob / PVD SS weight/PVD Back Plate: 1.73 kg
• Internal SS weight: 0.234 kg

Please note that this is a GB/Pre-order, there may be delays and the timeline is just an estimate. By purchasing this, you agree that you will be charged right away and there are no cancellations, no exceptions. Please keep in mind that product colors might not exactly match the colors displayed on the renders. 

*This is a Group Buy/Pre-order product, if you include any in-stock items with the order, they will be shipped at the same time, if you want the in-stock items ASAP, please order separately, thank you!*

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