Durock L5 Blue Linear Switches

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Durock L5 Blue

  • 4mm Distance Travel
  • 67g Bottom-out

        Produced by JWK Durock. We've decided to give as much option, so here's the list of different L-series switches! All of them are linears and have translucent/smokey housing, so it's perfect for those looking to build with RGB/Backlit. 

        "So, what's the huge difference between these linears...? According to Durock, it's stem mold is made differently from each other, but as an user, I felt a little to none difference between each switch. So why did we in-stock such switches? We just wanted a variety of switches to match your next custom build!" 

        - Konata

        All of the switches are 5-pins and come lightly pre-lubed, you can lube over it. 

        Top housing as polycarbonate, bottom housing as Nylon, stem as POM, gold-plated springs.

        L2 Creamy Green Sound Test by Jaeyou

         Other switches' sound test in progress

        Here is a guide on how many switches you'll need for different keyboard sizes (The guide is a reference, but some keyboards market a certain layout even though they require a few more or fewer switches. Always order a few more if you're unsure):

        • 120 - full size
        • 92 - TKL
        • 80 - 75%
        • 70 - 65%
        • 65 - 60%
        • 45 - 40%

        Selling in quantities of 1 switch.

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