Gateron Luciola Linear Switches

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Gateron Luciola Switches are linear switches, featuring long pole bottom-out at 3.6mm and 22mm double-stage spring. Luciola switches utilize the same housing material as the Gateron Ink V2 switches, which have been an all-time favorite! Plus, these switches are noctilucent, so you can keep your setup glowing, even when the lights go out. Let your typing experience reach new heights!

Gateron Luciola Linear Switch Specifications:

  • Linear
  • Ink Material Top and Bottom Housing
  • POM Stem
  • 2.0mm Pre-Travel
  • 3.6mm Total Travel
  • 55g Operating
  • 60g Bottom-Out
  • 22mm, Double-Stage Spring
  • 5-Pin, PCB Mount
  • MX Structure
  • Lubed
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