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Color: Red
PCB: Hotswap - ISO
Plate: FR4

The Navi60 is a 60% top mount/o-ring mount with a full CNC aluminum case and brass weight.

This project is a part of the #lainttl (time to live) program. We aim to provide a high-quality keyboard for both keyboard and Lain enthusiasts.

Its design is inspired by Abe’s original design of Lain’s personal Navi computer/keyboard. The kit comes with a two-piece case with a brass weight that is engraved with the Copland OS logo.

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All About The Navi60

Welcome to the world of Navi60, a keyboard like no other! Developed by Psychetype, this top-of-the-line 60% keyboard combines elegance, precision, and a touch of nostalgia to bring you an exceptional typing experience.

Lain-Inspired Design

Drawing inspiration from Lain's iconic Navi computer/keyboard, the Navi60's design pays homage to this legendary character. Its two-piece CNC aluminum case, adorned with a beautifully engraved brass weight featuring the Copland OS logo, is a true collector's dream.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Navi60 boasts a 7° typing angle and a remarkably low Effective Keyboard Height (EKH) of 22.94mm, providing you with comfortable and precise keystrokes. The 6063 Aluminum case, combined with the brass weight, adds a substantial feel to this remarkable keyboard.

Versatile Options

Customize your Navi60 to suit your preferences. Choose from case color options including Red Anode, Green Anode, Silver Anode, Black Anode, and E-Beige. The available PCB options, including ANSI hotswap, ISO hotswap, and solder, cater to a wide range of keyboard enthusiasts.

Solder Layout

Hotswap Layout

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