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Enhance your Neo65 keyboard with our premium range of extra parts and accessories. Our collection includes high-quality plates in carbon fiber, aluminum, and polycarbonate for distinct feel and sound, stylish external weights in brass, copper, and PVD Mirror for added stability and elegance, and versatile PCBs offering wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless connections. Choose the Tri-mode Hotswap PCB for ultimate flexibility or the Wired ANSI Hotswap PCB with per-key RGB illumination. Complete your setup with essential accessories like O-rings and gaskets, designed to refine and personalize your keyboard experience.

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by Qwertykeys

All About The Neo65

Discover the Ever-Popular Neo65: A sleek, premium keyboard with a dual-mounting system, brass weight, and selective PCBs for the ultimate typing experience. Explore more!

Unibody Case

Our design code is based on minimalism. The Neo 65 features an ultra-slim side bezel that blends seamlessly with any desk setup, regardless of the theme.

Neat Side Profile

We chose an inward-sloping edge to complement the minimal design on the front. This also makes it easier to pick up the keyboard.

Brass Weight with Orbit Engraved Logo

The name Neo not only refers to the designer but also represents Near Earth Objects.

We opted for the orbit as the logo for the Neo series to symbolize the interconnection and alternation of our products.

Dual-Mounting System

Support both PCB gasket mount and gummy O-ring mount (not compatible with plateless configurations).

With our specially designed gaskets, the PCB and plate can be securely held in place, even if the case is flipped upside down.

Finely-tuned sound profile - no hollowness nor case ping without the use of any foam.

Dual-Mounting System

Reserved groove for the O-ring at the blocker - no need to forcefully bend the O-ring anymore, so the assembly experience can be more efficient and enjoyable.

O-rings with different stiffness levels are available to provide varying typing feedback.

Layout for Tri-Mode

Layout for Wired PCB