NotFromSam S65/80 V2 Keyboard Kit Extras

Sale price$320.00
Keyboard Size and Color: S65 White

Keyboard Size and Color

PCB: Hotswap


Layout: WK


NotFromSam S65/80 V2 Keyboard Kit Extras

Fulfillment In: December 2023/January 2024

The first round was a small batch, low limit group buy that took place last December. After delivering all units, Sam's Studio is back with another round with a higher limit and a few changes through user feedback.

S65/80 V2 Keyboard Kit Specifications:

  • Case Material - Aluminium
  • Weight Material - Aluminium (Color: Brass)
  • FR4 Plate
  • Solder/Hotswap PCB (Split right shift & Stepped Capslock Support)
  • Top Mount
  • Typing Angle - 7 Degrees
  • 390 x 125 x 20mm
  • Weight - 2.5kg
  • ANSI & ISO support, WK/WKL support

    S65/80 V2 Keyboard Kit Inclusions:

    • Aluminium Case
    • Aluminium Weight
    • PCB (Solder or Hotswap)
    • FR4 Plate
    • 3.5-inch IPS Screen
    • Poron Foam Kit
    • Fixing Hardware & Feet

      Included Screen
      3.5-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 480x320

      1. The screen can work with hwinfo64 using their data engine. There is a matching plug-in, which will automatically load when booting.
      2. Monitoring Fucntions: CPU, RAM, HDD, GPU Temp, Network Info, Fan speed etc.
      3. Basic Info Display: Computer Model, Location, Date, Time etc.
      4. Other Info Display: Weather, Host Volume, Custom Display
      5. Wallpaper Mode: 480x320 Image as Wallpaper which can be displayed alone or superimposed for an information display
      6. Custom Theme: Preset Theme and theme editing function
      7. Does not fucntion as a second display so cannot support GIFs or extended desktop. For information or aesthetics only and will display JPEG/BMP

        Please note that the S65/80 by NotFromSam are in Pre-Order, there may be delays and the timeline is just an estimate. By purchasing this, you agree that you will be charged right away and there are no cancellations, no exceptions. Please keep in mind that product colors might not exactly match the colors displayed on the renders. 

        *This is a Pre-order product, if you include any in-stock items with the order, they will be shipped at the same time, if you want the in-stock items ASAP, please order separately, thank you!*

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