Owlab Owlstab V2 Screw-In Stabilizers

Sale price$20.00
Size: 80% Set


Color: Smokey Black

The Owlstab V2 Screw-In PCB Mount Stabilizers are designed by Owlab, and they are available in 80% and 100% sizes. They come with shape-memory allow wires by Liquidmetal, Teflon tape, wire cushions, and screws. 

Owlab Owl Stabilizers V2 Includes:

80% Set:
  • 10x Stabilizer Housings
  • 10x Stem Housings
  • 4x 2u Wire
  • 1x 7u Wire
  • 1x 6.25u Wire
  • 6x Wire Cushions
  • 12x Teflon Tapes
  • 12x Screws and Washers
    100% Set:
    • 18x Stabilizer Housings
    • 18x Stem Housings
    • 7x 2u Wire
    • 1x 7u Wire
    • 1x 6.25u Wire
    • 9x Wire Cushions
    • 18x Teflon Tapes
    • 18x Screws and Washers

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