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Type: WK
Color: Black

JRIS80, the latest 80% customizable keyboard by Mykeyclub, blends simplicity and elegance seamlessly. 

Take a look at all the extras to customize your JRIS80 to your liking. 

Find all extras and add-ons here.


by Mykeyclub


The JRIS adopted simple and beautiful design concepts, reflected in JRIS65 and JRIS75. 

JRIS80 will be more different from previous products to show our progress and ideas while being beautiful and practical.

More About JRIS80

Learn more about the design and specs of the JRIS80.

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Rectangle Weight

  • Anodized Alu Weight
  • PVD Mirror Stainless Steel Weight
  • Titanium Alloy Weight

A colorful design through multiple composite processing and coloring processes. The surface texture is used to decorate, and the fine and silky surface post-processing can bring a better tactile experience.

Swappable Magnetic Inverted Triangle Weight 

  • The inverted Triangle Weight highlights the personalized decoration on the back. We use various composite processing and coloring techniques to display the surface pattern. Different designs are options
  • The three-dimensional carving of PVD Mirror Brass Weight will bring another different experience.
  • The magnet installs way, allowing you to quickly swappable your inverted triangle weight.

Brass Internal Weight

It brings a more concise and beautiful internal space, which covers the battery compartment and hides the screws of the external weights. Brass internal weights enhance bottom case stability with increased density and reduce the hollow sound sounds when typing.

Triple Gasket Adjustment

The silicon dumbbell-looking gaskets let you adjust the typing feel depending on your preference.

Quick Disassembly

Swappable WK and WKL top cases are easy and quick. No screws or tools are required! No struggle with WK or WKL.


  • 4 E-coat case:E-White/ Milky White/ Pink/ Lilac
  • 7 Anodized Case: Black/ Silver/ Wine Red/ Navy Blue/ Dark Green/ Titanium Grey/ Orange
  • 6 color combose case: E-White&Black/ Orange&Black/ WineRed&Black/Navy Blue &Black/ Dark Green&Black/Titanium Grey&Black


  • 3 Alu Weight: Gold/ Silver/ Black
  • 5 PVD Weight: Gold/ Silver/ Black/ Blue/ Chroma
  • 2 Titanium Alloy Weight: Auspicious Cloud/ Wave