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Customize your T9 Keyboard by Deadline with all the extra add-ons you will need.

The T9 Keyboard by Deadline revolutionizes your typing experience with its innovative design. Inspired by iconic PCs like the Texas Instruments Ti99 4/A, this keyboard offers a spacious keycap display, perfect for personalized or resin-based keycaps. Crafted with precision, it features an aluminum case and a soldered/hotswap layout for durability and versatility. With a comfortable 7° typing angle and a height of 18mm, the T9 seamlessly merges retro aesthetics with modern functionality. Upgrade your setup today and rediscover the joy of typing with the T9 Keyboard.

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T9 Keyboard

The New Classic Keyboard Design by Deadline Studio

[Pre-Order] T9 Keyboard by Deadline - KeebsForAll

Keyframe Layout Left

Choose one of the four unique keyframe layouts to personalize your T9 Keyboard.

[Pre-Order] T9 Keyboard by Deadline - KeebsForAll

Keyframe Layout Right

Personalize your keyboard layout with three unique designs. Choose between the classic arrow layout, a numpad design or more retro cross arrow layout.


Bluetooth 5.0 & Wireless 2.4G compatible. VIA Compatible.

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Design Inspiration

The inspiration for the T9 Keyboard by Deadline was primarily driven by the desire to create a larger keycap display. Previously, I had designed Phaseone and TPS40, both of which were small layout keyboards, facing the frustration of having no space for numerous personalized or resin-based keycaps.

This prompted me to start searching for references. As I delved deeper into the subject, began to broaden my thinking and explore the history of personal computers. During my research on IBM and Commodore, I stumbled upon the Texas Instruments Ti99 4/A. Suddenly, I felt that this machine was incredibly unique. It had the capability to accommodate various modules, and its story had its fair share of ups and downs.

Design Inspiration Cont.

After confirming the two images mentioned above as the visual style, I began arranging the layout according to modern standards while adjusting the proportions and angles of each element. This was done to ensure that the outline and lines would meet modern aesthetic preferences while still maintaining a retro visual style.

[Pre-Order] T9 Keyboard by Deadline - KeebsForAll

Hotswap Layout

[Pre-Order] T9 Keyboard by Deadline - KeebsForAll

Solder Layout