[Pre-Order] TB8-TKL Extra Add-Ons

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Item: Soldered Wired 1.6mm non-flex cut PCB


TB8-TKL: Customize your Tech Bear8-TKL with extra add-ons.

Take a look at the full TB8-TKL Mechanical Keyboard Kit here.


Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Colorways and Customization

Choose between 10 Case colors and 12 Weight Options

3 PCB Mounting Styles

Tech Bear8-TKL offers 3 different PCB mounting styles to cater to various needs. Additionally, Tech Bear Studio has introduced a re-engineered and improved ball-bearing mechanism, featuring the EZ-assemble system specifically designed for keyboards.

Gasket Beans

Offering a softer and more lightweight touch.


Providing a more solid and full-bodied touch.

Top Mount

Delivering a unique sound profile and more consistent feel.

Water Ripple

A special machine engraving method processes the aluminum for a unique finish. As the angle changes and light refracts, it produces a dynamic texture resembling water ripples.


Exploring new surface treatment processes revealed that copper changes color at different temperatures, creating a complex, varied yet regular texture and color. This process is called Brilliance.

Soldered Supported Layout

Hotswap Supported Layout