[Pre-Order] TB8-TKL Keyboard Kit

Sale price$199.00
Color: Anodized Blue

TB8-TKL: The Tech Bear8-TKL custom mechanical keyboard kit features 3 PCB mounting styles tailored to your needs. With CNC aluminum case, PVD or stainless steel weight, customizable badge, and various foam layers, this kit introduces innovative craftsmanship to enrich your choices, including the unique brilliance technique for the counterweight. Supports VIA.

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Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Colorways and Customization

Choose between 10 Case colors and 12 Weight Options

3 PCB Mounting Styles

Tech Bear8-TKL offers 3 different PCB mounting styles to cater to various needs. Additionally, Tech Bear Studio has introduced a re-engineered and improved ball-bearing mechanism, featuring the EZ-assemble system specifically designed for keyboards.

Gasket Beans

Offering a softer and more lightweight touch.


Providing a more solid and full-bodied touch.

Top Mount

Delivering a unique sound profile and more consistent feel.

Water Ripple

A special machine engraving method processes the aluminum for a unique finish. As the angle changes and light refracts, it produces a dynamic texture resembling water ripples.


Exploring new surface treatment processes revealed that copper changes color at different temperatures, creating a complex, varied yet regular texture and color. This process is called Brilliance.

Soldered Supported Layout

Hotswap Supported Layout