[Pre-Order] Zoom65 V3 - Extra Modulars

Sale price$12.00
Modular Type: Knob Modular

Modular Type

Color: SE Black

Customize your Zoom65 V3 with extra modulars.

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Please Note:

  • Knob Modular does NOT include knob.
  • Knobs need to be purchased separately, knobs are compatible with Zoom98, Zoom75, and ZoomPad.
  • Magnetic Badge Modular does NOT include the magnetic badge.
  • Magnetic badge need to be purchased separately.
  • Special Panda Edition and Cupid Collaboration Edition includes magnetic badge modular and customized magnetic badge
  • One-Key Modular includes PCB
  • LCD Screen Modular includes LCD screen
  • Nightlight Telescope Modular includes telescope badge (NOT magnetic)
  • Anodized Gold Nightlight Dots Modular includes Anodized gold nightlight dots badge (NOT magnetic)

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