[Pre-Order] Zoom65 V3 - Panda Edition

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Item: Zoom65 V3 Panda Edition - Ano Silver

The Zoom65 V3 is also available in the unique Panda Edition. Available in black and silver, with a themed keycap set.

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by Meletrix

The latest upgrade to the Zoom Series

Create Your Ultimate Zoom65 V3

Special External Weight

In addition to the classic telescope pattern external weight, we have also prepared external weights of different designs and styles for you.

Classic Design

Magnetic Weight for Easy Changes

Thanks to this design, we've modified the round weight on the bottom case. Additionally, we offer numerous colorful options as extras, and we've ensured the 2.4G receiver can be conveniently hidden and stored.

Tail Light Design

Different Backplate Designs

16 colors matching the top case + Special RAW version with knife pattern

Knife Pattern 1

A Special RAW Version of the Backplate

Knife Pattern 2

A Special RAW Version of the Backplate

Explore The Zoom65 V3's Key Features

Short-Arm Spring Mounting

We've ensured that they strike the perfect balance between length and elasticity to minimize excessive bounce and guarantee a satisfying typing experience.

With shortened arms and maintained elasticity, our springs offer a precise and responsive feel, ensuring each keystroke is both comfortable and impactful.

Non-Load Bearing Spring Mounting

We've collaborated closely with our spring factory to develop springs with high elasticity without collapsing.

Experience seamless keystrokes with the perfect bounce, allowing the internal assembly to effortlessly adjust to your fingertips with each keystroke.

Split O-Ring Mounting

We have created a system by splitting the rubber rings into separate parts and using extended blockers to support the O-rings, ensuring that even when the keyboard is flipped, the PCB and O-rings will not come loose.

Additionally, our innovation will allow you to use any stabilizer, eliminating the traditional system's restrictions on the backspace position.

Silica Gel Particle Mounting

We have removed the elastic arm support from the silica gel particle mount, opting instead for a small extended hook, and we use silicone with a hardness of 40 degrees on the hook system.

Silicone can absorb aftershocks, which we believe provides the most comfortable typing experience among rigid support structures.

Top Mount

The original top-mounting system has been well-received by certain users, and its quality remains unchanged. It will continue to be offered as an option for everyone to choose from.

Floating Pogo Pin Mounting

This is an interesting mounting system. Designed to enable the entire inner assembly to closely follow the fingers during high-frequency typing, it results in a high-frequency bounce.

The objective was to enhance typing speed without causing hand fatigue. It's a novel structure ideal for those who work with text extensively.