QK60 Round 3 by Qwertykeys

Sale price$155.00

QK60 R3 an epitome of user-friendly design and customization. With the beloved screw-less feature carried over from the R1, users can choose between smokey and clear acrylic top cases, precision-crafted using CNC technology.

The QK60 R3 offers three layouts: WK, WKL, and HHKB. Opting for HHKB or WKL includes molded silicone plate fillers with unique patterns, enhancing the keyboard's appearance and seamlessly integrating with RGB lights. Elevate your typing experience with a sleek, personalized, and future-forward keyboard.

Diversify your experience with regular POM, PC, aluminum (available only in black), and FR4 plates. Excitingly, the QK60 R3 now introduces a carbon fiber plate, adding even more customization possibilities with this sleek, personalized, and future-forward keyboard.

Only available in WK layout.

IN-STOCK. It will ship in 1 business day.

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