Tecsee Metal Coated Switches

  • Tecsee Metal Coated Switches (Golden Housing with Clear Stem) 5pin

Tecsee Metal Coated Switches


Tecsee, the runner-up, of the switches category for the custom mechanical keyboard community! The past year or two, they have been popping out here and there with custom made switches from other bigger keyboard companies. And most of those custom switches had great positive reviews across the community, and thus, they started making their own line of switches! Because WHY NOT? 

So now, here we are, with the VERY first metal-coated switches of Tecsee! These are not meant to be used on a budget. 

"When we received prototypes from Tecsee, I just knew I would like these bad boys! If you're like me, that loves snappy returns AND aesthetically pleasing switches, look no further, this is it!"

- Konata  

Golden Housing with Clear Stem

  • Aluminum Coated over Polycarbonate (PC) Housings
  • UHMWPE Stem
  • 63.5g Double Gold-Plated Springs
  • 5-pins PCB Mounted
  • Unlubed

Our Sound Test (Tactile & Linear)



Selling them in single quantities [1 switch] and packs of 35. [1 pack = 35 switches]

$2 if purchased as a single switch.

$1.60 per switch; 35 switches x $1.60 = $56 per pack.


Here is a guide on how many switches you'll need for different keyboard sizes (The guide is a reference, but some keyboards market a certain layout even though they require a few more or fewer switches. Always order a few more if you're unsure):

  • 120 - full size
  • 92 - TKL
  • 80 - 75%
  • 70 - 65%
  • 65 - 60%
  • 45 - 40%
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John A.
United States United States

Mediocre for the price

For what it is, its very expensive. The actual coat is super nice and pretty, but the actual switch itself is average. The linear is actually decent once lubed, quite smooth. The tactile is bad, the bump is not very prominent. For reference its like maybe on the level of a holy panda if you lube the legs.

Eren A.
Turkey Turkey


It is well worth the price! Also, the customer service and free shipping beats all the other keep vendors out there.

United States United States

1 switch stock impressions (linear)

I'm gonna call it now; Goat will be rating these very highly. I only bought one switch to check out, so anything I say could be off due to unit variance. Everything here is based on messing with a stock unopened linear switch for about 30 minutes. First off, yes, it does really seem to be coated in metal. Tapping it with a fingernail produces a metallic sound. My immediate first impression was that the spring was much heavier than I expected. It's more comparable to a Gateron black ink spring than a 62 g alpaca. It was an even heavier feeling than a 65g lavender linear. I feel like it is probably a low spring constant spring, so it might really be a 63.5 g bottom out, but it just feels heavier through most of the travel. Stem wobble was good; better than a black ink, very slightly worse than an alpaca V2. Kinda exactly where I like it actually, as I find that any tighter than an alpaca and you start to run into stickiness when lubing with 205g0. There was just a touch of leaf rattle on mine, which could easily be unit variance, but it wasn't bad. Spring ping was nonexistent. The push feel was excellent. The switch was extremely smooth, with a bottom out that felt really solid and planted; notably more so than any of the other JWKs or black inks I had on hand. The sound was veeeery impressive. The metal coating must be doing something, because the switch was as deep and solid sounding as a lubed and filmed Alpaca V2. This dry switch made dry alpacas sound like tangies by comparison. I haven't attempted to lube or film the Tescee yet, but I feel like the results could be incredible. Dry/stock, the sound is deep and has a really "poppy" character. The sound was somewhat on the loud end, definitely not muted, but very "controlled". I think that the topping out had a lot to do with this, as the switch had a really great and solid topping out characteristic. Anyway, I figured I'd share my first impressions here since these are so new and unknown, with a hefty price tag. I really like them, and will probably order a whole batch. I'll come back to update this review once I have a whole board full of lubed and filmed switches.